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December 18, 2011

Nepalese & Karaoke

After our Zen & Tea Ceremony session, we were well and truly ready for a nice warm meal. Mina, Martina & I met up with Kam after he finished work, and our good friend Yoh was also in town for a work meeting so she was able to come too!

We went to a really great Nepalese place in Kego, called Maitiighar. I definitely recommend checking it out if you're in the area and feeling like a warm curry!

It was my first time trying Nepalese food, and it was really delicious. Most of us had lamb or chicken curries, whilst Martina chose this amazing looking platter below...

Some of the best people...

The restaurant's decor is really great, and after eating your meal you can wander around and browse the jewellery and other Nepalese wares on sale. Some really interesting and nicely crafted objects...

After dinner, we decided to go to karaoke, but on the way got distracted by a pet shop with cute puppies on display.

As cute as the puppies were, though, I have recently started feeling sad when I see animals at pet stores. I think it is a result of the visit we took to the dog refuge in Perth, before I came to Japan. My family bought our new darling dog Billy there, who had been found wandering the streets, malnourished and without a home. The amount of dogs that had been abandoned or given away to the refuge- dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes- was really overwhelming. A lady who works there told us that once puppies stop being cute, their novelty factory wears off and their owners often grow tired of them. So I guess when I see all of the cute pups in the pet shop, I am wishing deep down that none of them will suffer abandonment or be mistreated once they become fully grown dogs. I really, really miss my dog Billy.

We stopped off at Kego Park to admire the Christmas lights once again.

And on to karaoke- one of my favourite past-times, and one I don't get to do as often as I would like. We chose a place in Tenjin that were offering the first hour free, which seemed like a good deal!

We had so, so much fun singing a wide range of hits- from J-Pop and K-Pop classics to Queen, Bonnie Tyler, Destiny's Child, the Beatles and the Sailor Moon theme song!

Yeah, we had a lot of fun. Even though Yoh had to leave early, the three remaining members of the group powered through the second hour of songs. I love karaoke.


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