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December 29, 2011

Kego Park Ice-Skating, Daimyo & Motsunabe

A few weeks ago, I met up with my friends Mina and Rong in the city for a really fun day. We started with an impromptu session of ice-skating in Kego Park. Walking through the park after we met up, it was somehow decided very suddenly that we would go. I was really excited to finally try it!

Next, we went wandering around the wonderful Daimyo area. We stopped in many cute shops & along the way we tried some zenzai (soup made from anko & mochi) that they were selling on the street. It was yummy, although very sweet. Zenzai is a food often eaten around New Year's in Japan.

Getting really cold, we decided to stop into a really cute cafe in Daimyo & warm up with some tea. It was a great idea, and the cafe we chose was really warm and comfortable- we stayed there for quite some time, chatting and enjoying the couches.

Lastly, we went to a famous Motsunabe restaurant in Akasaka. Motsunabe is a type of winter "hotpot" meal that originated in Fukuoka. The meat used is cow intestine, which sounds so much less appealing than it tastes. It was so, so delicious! The restaurant was also really classy, though not expensive, and had the coolest bathrooms I've ever seen.

It was a really great day out, and a nice way to spend a Winter's day on the weekend.


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