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November 17, 2011

Seinan Daigaku Student Festival

The university near our place, Seinan Daigaku, held their annual student festival on the weekend. We went along with our neighbour Miki-chan, after our monthly apartment yard cleanup morning. Miki explained to us that all of the different student clubs (from 'anime club' to 'movie club' to 'photography club' or 'band club', and so on...) work together to run the food stalls and exhibits. The festival went for three days and was spread out across the two sides of the campus- it was huge!

Here are a few pictures from Saturday at the festival...

We wandered around for a few good hours, eating yakitori, getting glimpses of wrestling tournaments, art exhibits and band competitions and soaking up the atmosphere in general. It seems like a really fun event for all the uni students involved, and apparently the money each club makes is theirs to spend, so the festival is usually followed by a few drinks. Sounds like fun.


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