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November 1, 2011

Arriving in Nagasaki City

After spending the day in Sasebo on Friday, we made our way to the lovely city of Nagasaki to check-in to our hostel & find some dinner. Even as arrived and walked outside the station, I was already quite fond of the city. 

After finding our way to our really lovely hostel, we set out on the tram to Shianbashi- Nagasaki's entertainment district. The streets here were narrow and bright with neon. Ramen and champon shops were sandwiched amongst multiple hostess bars and karaoke joints, and office workers were out on their Friday night work drinks in packs...

After some wandering, we decided on one of the many restaurants offering the dinner we were after . Champon is a Nagasaki speciality dish, which I believe originated from the town's Chinese residents long ago. I guess it won't go amiss here to mention that the multi-cultural atmosphere of Nagasaki is very strong, especially when compared with other Japanese cities. This is largely due to its long standing history as a thriving port city. Some of Nagasaki's speciality foods include the Castella cake from Portugal and the Sara Udon and Champon noodle dishes, which have Chinese roots. We have had both of these delicious meals in Fukuoka, but were keen to try the real deal in Nagasaki...

After a long day of travelling (by train, boat, bus and tram!) the Champon was definitely the perfect way to end the day, and to start our trip in Nagasaki...

We took the tram home and rested up for the full day of adventures that lay ahead of us.

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