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October 12, 2011

Shopping in Fukuoka: Pumpkins, Skeletons and a Uke

The other day I decided to go searching for a nice, cheap ukulele to buy in Fukuoka. Back home in Perth we have a pretty blue one (which ended up signed by the wonderful Amanda Palmer) but we didn't manage to bring it over to Japan with us. My search started at JR Hakata City (no luck, too expensive), after which I ventured through the two premises of Canal City (no luck, but I did get to see the new Canal City section for the first time), and across to Tenjin's VIVRE (no luck, too expensive) and finally the IMS Building, where I found what I was looking for. 

Over the course of the journey, I really enjoyed the festiveness of all of the shops' Halloween displays. Any excuse for costumes and spooky decorations is good. Canal City did a pretty good job with their decorations.

In my quest for the perfect, cheap uke, I also picked up a few other little things- a Mexican happy skeleton (my latest kindred spirit toy), a pretty pastel bunch of plastic flowers for my hair, as well as lamb and bulldog puppy toys and bone shaped eraser, which I turned into pendants for necklaces when I got home.

The ukulele I got at IMS Building in Tenjin is so good. Below are a few photos of us mucking around with it on the first night. So far I have learnt : Dream, Dream, Dream (Everly Brothers), Lovecats (The Cure) and Ride Wit Me (Nelly)...

It is really nice to have an instrument in our new house, as we both love playing music. Now I just need my melodica to be sent over, so that Kam and I can get back to playing duets. 

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