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October 9, 2011

Nishi Koen - West Park

Today we decided to have a relaxing park day, riding to a park we haven't seen before. Firstly, though, we stopped at Yahoo! Dome and bought Kamil the Hawks cap he has wanted for ages. The Hawks, Fukuoka's baseball team, have just won the Pacific League Championship, which is really cool. It also means that you can't escape the Hawks' theme tune, which has been playing on a loop in shopping centres and train stations.

Anyway, we got the cap and made our way to Nishi Koen. 

The park was really pretty. We found a bench in the sunshine and settled in for the afternoon, armed with books to read, fruit salad to eat, and our baseball and mitts to play catch.

Amazing three-layer fruit salad of banana, kiwi and pineapple...

At the moment I'm reading The Virgin Suicides and loving it. I have seen Sophia Coppola's dreamy film adaptation of the book, so now I can only picture the character of Lux as Kirsten Dunst, but that's okay...

We play catch pretty regularly now, and have just started going to the batting cages. Next Summer if we have had enough practice, maybe we'll try out for a super-amateur team. It's fun to practice together, even when I have to retrieve balls from the bushes...

A relaxing, lovely Autumn afternoon.


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