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September 17, 2011

Big in Japan: Kamil on Solaria Vision

Yeah. My boyfriend is somewhat of a star. Last night, we met up after work and headed to a huge local festival (next post to come!) But on the way we stopped off at one of the biggest train stations in the city- Tenjin, to watch a particularly special segment on the "Solaria Vision" TV screens there...

We waited in front of one of the four huge screens (in and around Tenjin Station), that play everything from music video clips to ads and public service announcements...

And for a week, Kamil's face has been appearing on the screens twice every hour! He was interviewed, whilst at work, for a segment where foreigners introduce their favourite places in Fukuoka.. and now it's getting shown on all 4 giant screens!

He talked about Nokonoshima Island being his favourite place in Fukuoka. Really awesome...

 It was a really surreal, exciting and proud moment!

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