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September 28, 2011

kyoto hiatus 2011 (part V) - boris mono envy

The last thing on our mini-holiday agenda, and the reason for our trip to Kyoto, was the Mono gig at Kyoto University's Seibu-Kodo. The venue was amazing- a warehouse like auditorium that was built in 1937, and has a beautiful dusty feel to it. The walls are painted with huge waves, the wooden floors are smooth from years of wear, and towards the back of the venue are a series of tiny, rickety wooden benches and a huge sculpture that looks somewhat like a pineapple. In short, it was awesome. 

First up was Boris, a Japanese band whom I'd never heard of 'til the night, but who had some really lovely moments. Some of their songs crossed over a little too far into metal territory, but overall they were good, and really fit the venue well... 


Next up were those who we had come to see- Mono. I can't explain how good they were; from start to finish I was wrapped up in them.

Thanks to the placid nature of Japanese audiences, even though the venue was fairly packed, we managed to walk our way right to the front of the stage. Standing so close to the band and right next to the huge speakers, I could literally feel the music in the pit of my stomach. There is something almost heart-breaking about their songs, especially played live.  It was really, really good.

I took a fairly shaky video of the start of Moonlight- one of my favourites...

After Mono, the third band Envy came on. Kamil really likes them, but again I hadn't heard their music, and I admit they were a little heavier than I enjoy. We had to leave their set early so that we could make it via taxi to our overnight bus in time, but considering we had been at the gig for four hours, we weren't too sad to leave a little early.

All in all, it was the perfect end to an really wonderful one-night getaway. 


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