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September 25, 2011

kyoto hiatus 2011 (part IV) books & cakes & riverside

On Day two of our little Kyoto getaway, we decided to take it easy in the morning. We knew we had a lot of (unfortunately necessary) travelling ahead of us that evening, before we could make it to the Mono gig, and back home to Fukuoka at night, so we spent the daytime wandering around buying cakes and Kyoto treats for our friends and workmates, browsing bookstores and having an awesome Korean lunch on the restaurant floor of OIOI!

This, below,  is my favourite new bag companion- a purse/mirror that Natsuki and Tokue gave me when they came to stay with us in Fukuoka. Peach flowers are the best, and to keep with the theme I keep peach flavoured breath-mints inside...

There is always interesting architecture in Japan, but I really loved these two buildings side-by-side. The quaint Post Office stood next to a deteriorating club, named 'Utrantis' (translated from アトランチス, which could benefit more by being read as 'Atlantis')...


Oh, and there was a horse so I hugged it a little...

We stopped in a bakery to buy a cake for a friend back in Fukuoka. The display cabinets full of delicate cakes are really pretty to look at...

Next, we had some amazing Korean food for lunch, and stumbled upon a huge bookshop in OIOI. Japanese bookshops are my favourite! Kam and I got lost in this one, which was full of not only books and magazines, but an amazing selection of stationery and homewares that reminded me so much of dear Pigeonhole back home.

I picked up a fresh fruits edition to add to my collection ^__^

This, below, is the cutest book, and really popular at the moment. It's full of amazing photos of the too-cute Japanese toddler who is a real character. The photography is beautiful...

And we found a glitter pencil which had rainbow coloured lead. Magical.

After bookstore & lunch times, we decided to make our way down to the river as the weather was absolutely perfect- sunny, but breezy. Whilst we were sitting here, we saw an old Japanese couple come down to the riverbank and release a plastic bag full of eels into the stream! Sugoi!

Then, it was time to start out massive multi-transport journey.

We took two subways from the hotel to Kyoto Station with our luggage, where we had planned to book Shinkansen (bullet train) tickets. However, once we arrived, the tickets were even more expensive than we had expected, so we decided that we would rough it out on the overnight bus again (that's two in three days!) We used iPhones to book the bus tickets, locked up our luggage at the station, and took three trains to the gig venue. After an AMAZING gig (will report in full detail in the next post) we had less than an hour to get back to Kyoto Station for our bus, so we took a taxi to the station, and hopped straight onto the bus, where we stayed for 11 hours- awaking back on home soil in Tenjin. One more subway and we were able to collapse on the tatami, recollecting our amazing two day holiday. 

Stay tuned for the final part of Kyoto Hiatus!



  1. 京都はいいね。写真をとるところがたくさんある。いきたいなー

  2. コメントありがとうアきら!東京はどうですか? ☆

  3. すごいーΣd(゚∀゚d)
    アナタ日本語書いてる( ゚Д゚)ウヒョー
    東京に住んでないからよくわからないけど、東京も風情がある場所あるよ( ノ゚Д゚)