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September 25, 2011

kyoto hiatus 2011 (part III) - resting on a hill

In between wandering around Gion area and Pontocho alley, we found a nice grassy knoll to take a seat, and enjoy the fading afternoon sun...
Kam also used the opportunity to try and figure out our return transport options (another overnight bus vs. shinkansen), as we were undecided on how we were getting home the next day...

There have been so many times since we arrived that the iPhones have been a godsend. I can navigate myself around any new area using maps, find great restaurants and shops on the run, book buses, find timetables...anything. Plus it's handy to have skype ready to go at all times. 

It was really nice to take some time out and enjoy the beautiful scenery, especially since we had been rushing around since arriving early that morning.


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