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September 17, 2011

Bright Colours & Crowds: Hojoya Festival at Hakozaki Shrine

Autumn is here in Fukuoka. Its presence is creeping in slowly, and although the days are still hot, the air is definitely drier, and the leaves around town are turning pretty autumn colours and falling. So although Summer Festivals are no more- we found out last night that Autumn festivals are just as awesome, when we went along to the big Fall festival Hojoya at Hakozaki-gu Shrine.

Hojoya is one of the three biggest festivals in Fukuoka's calendar, bringing more than 1 million visitors to the Hakozaki-gu Shrine each year. The festival celebrates the blessings of nature and includes ancient Shinto rituals. And then there are the stalls...

It was absolutely crazy- the entire 1km approach to the shrine was lined with over 700 stalls. So much delicious festival food, as well as games and other interesting stalls to look at. Bright colours, amazing food aromas, and steam rising from the food stands above the huge, slow moving crowd. It was really, really cool...


And I discovered my new favourite festival food- amazing white strawberries dipped in candy (like toffee-apples!) When you bite into the huge strawberries, they are still warm on the inside.  So. Good.

Hojoya is on until Sunday night, so if you're in Fukuoka, I strongly recommend taking a trip there tomorrow night. Oh, weekends.



  1. Love reading about all your foreign adventures. Really stirs the wunderlust in one to extreme heights. All your photos are so colourful and bright- they show so much :) xx

  2. Oh thanks annnie! Your blog is really lovely too!