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September 23, 2011

Book Off & Typhoon Weather

It's typhoon season in Japan right now, and this week Typhoon Roke approached and made landfall on Honshu island. It's tough to see the devastation on the news, as riverbanks flood and people's homes are torn apart. We've been quite lucky really, as Fukuoka has been on the very far outskirts of both of the big typhoons that we've had so far- meaning that we get strong winds and rain, but nothing worse. 

On Tuesday night after Kam finished work and I finished intern-work, we met up and made our way in the wind to our local Book-Off store. It's a chain of huge, wonderfully organised and stocked second hand book/manga/cd/dvd stores in Japan. We have been meaning to go for a while, and were happy to wander around inside whilst the weather outside was gloomy.
Kam picked up some manga, and I found a little photo-book with photos that look very 90s, called 'French Kiss', that I really loved.

All of the books were cheap cheap (all ¥105 each- except for the bigger manga Akira, which was ¥500). Yay Book Off!


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