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October 1, 2011

セーラームーン & other bits of home

I'm currently watching Sailor Moon in Japanese (with subtitles)... does this count as studying? Ha! It is pretty awesome in any case. 

Today was a really good Saturday. Kamil & I got up early, made a package to send home, went to the post office, did the weekly food shopping, bought some new shampoo & conditioner (I've been having really big hair issues since arriving. I think I will dedicate a post to this later!) Then we came home for lunch and played catch for ages. I took a couple of polaroids with my Spice Cam. The flowers are growing in our danchi's courtyard- apparently they pop up in the second half of September and only stick around for a bit. We can see them from our window.

Later on, we went to the shopping area above Nishijin Station and did a little spontaneous shopping. We were planning to buy a diary in MUJI, but didn't like the layouts of the pages inside, and then our eyes were caught by other things. I bought a tartan raincoat that I have had my eyes on since we got here, and we got some yoghurt covered cranberries! MUJI is the best.

We also decided to visit UNIQLO, and we got some new socks amongst other things. We don't often go shopping to buy clothes and things, so it was really fun. Kam got some really nice work wear (and play too) and I got a dress that was on sale for ¥1990 (a little over AU$20). Our socks were on sale too, and cost ¥130 (less than $2) each!

Here's my pair of socks. They're men's, but they are peachy and pretty...

Here is a little mouse/rat badge I got shortly after arriving in Fukuoka. It's the closest I can get to having a little mammal pet right now...

^^ Kamil got some socks too! Saturdays are the best.



  1. Haha - cute socks!
    It seems like you've been having awesome adventures lately, and I like your new side links :)

  2. wow, sexy legs!! especially with the blue socks(゚∀゚)アハハ
    i always get clothes @ uniqlo coz it has S and XS for men. also i have jeans for women. even the smallest one for men is too big for me.

    MUJIRUSHI stands for NO NAME BRAND but i love the products named MUJIRUSHI on.

    i still keep Pola600 films for my SX-70. we calle the flower uve took photo HIGAN-bana 彼岸花. Hana means flower as u know, and Higan is a buddism word. maybe it has relation with sun worship. HIGANBANA blooms arond the HIGAN days or the equinox.