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August 15, 2011

Bike Adventures at Nokonoshima Island

On Saturday we undertook an adventure at the nearby island of Nokonoshima. A tiny 10-minute ferry ride away from the mainland, the island is about 12kms the whole way round.

 We took our bikes over and had an amazing, tiring ride/trek through the jungle-rainforest. I've never seen such amazing, wild, beautiful forestry. The bamboo literally creaks, and although we were pouring with sweat in the humidity, the experience was truly magical...

Once we got to the top, and back out into the sunlight, we were able to take it a little easier and ride right down into the bay of an amazing swimming beach....


The little bay and camping area had a really amazing village feel to it, with big groups of people sitting around mini bbq's, or playing games in and out of the water (including smashing watermelons on the sand!)

It was just wonderful to be able to have a swim in the ocean, something I've really been craving since we arrived in Japan. We stayed in awhile, Kamil had a few jumps off the floating equipment station, and we got out to relax in the evening sunshine and enjoy a well earned japanese curry at the beach...

We then said goodbye to 'Nokono Camp' and made our way around the remaining side of Nokonoshima Island, before catching the ferry back home. A truly perfect summer's day that left us exhausted but completely satisfied.  We plan to go on similar adventures next weekend!


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