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July 27, 2011

Tokyo Arrival 2011: Kamakura Daibutsu & Enoshima Suizokan

As Kamil and I have spent around a month in total exploring Tokyo on past holidays, we have covered a lot of ground by way of sightseeing in the city. So I was more than happy to let my beautiful Japanese friends (reunited from high-school days, when they were exchange students in Australia) show me some wonderful places I had never heard of in Tokyo. 

On Monday we visited the Daibutsu - Big Buddah - in Kamakura. This little town was really pretty and had a lot of charm, and its shrines were extremely impressive. After walking around Kamakura and having amazing lunch at a cafe by the sea, we took a train to Enoshima, and visited the aquarium there...


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  1. I looove your dress in this! I totally want it. I find it funny how you are dressed in sort of lolita way that I associate with Japan but your friend is dressed in supre-like clothes which seems Australian to me haha.
    I like how Japan shrubbery looks so different in that panorama, very polar from an Australian outlook.
    Lovely pictures ^^