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July 31, 2011

Hanabi II - Fireworks in Himeji

In the space of 7 days, I have managed to go to two amazing, huge fireworks festivals in Japan! The first in Tokyo last week, and the second in Himeji (Hyogo) last night! Ayako wrapped me up in my new yukata, and we made our way to the riverside in Himeji. The fireworks here were like none I've seen before- mostly because of how peaceful they were. For one hour, the fireworks went on without any music, or noise at all apart from the sighs of the crowd, and watching them explode one by one was really beautiful. Pictures as follows...



Below is a short video of the fireworks' finale that Aya took on her camera. Things really got faster towards the end, and the finale was absolutely gorgeous...


  1. Beautiful kimono!
    And I loved the post with the sunflowers too :)
    It looks like you having a really great time.
    Good luck with your apartment!

  2. Love your black kimono with the red bow, just stunning! Hope you're having an amazing time :)
    - C x